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The Fish Brother’s Tradition

If you look forward to your weekends, and enjoy using a reliable, performance driven Classic Wooden Boat, then Fish Brother’s Custom Boats can answer your prayers. Fish Brother’s is a family owned business with great attention to detail. The Fish Brothers run a, hands on, company with great personal pride in each production process, from laying up the hull to the final test drive. The Fish Brothers are true artists, diligent, dedicated and reverent to their craft. Their inspired works of art just happen to be World Class Wooden Boats. Fish Brothers has won multiple awards, for their craftsmanship, as well as for their accuracy when replicating the original works of some of the finest boat designers. Our boats not only honor the original designs, but are built for longevity and easy maintenance. The variety of makes and models offered  here at Fish Brother’s is unmatched by any other wood boat builder. If life style and enjoyment are worth more to you, then let Fish Brothers Marine Services build you your Dream Boat for a life changing experience.



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