Award Winning Custom Wooden Boats

Let Fish Brothers build your Dream Boat for a Life Changing Experience.

The iconic Barrel Back look of the early 1940's. These beautiful boats show the elegance of the past with convenience of modern construction and modern power!

Sportsman and Utility models give your plenty of seating and lots or room to move around. These boats are great for entertaining or for those with large families.

Fish Brothers can custom build you any model boats you wish. From Race Boats, to Triple Cockpits to Runabouts, and much more. Ask us about any model boat you would be interested in having us build for you!

About Fish Brothers Marine

It all began in the summer of 1972, when a very young Pete Fish found himself in Guntersville, Alabama living with his Aunt Pauline and Uncle Wayne Balch. He held a few odd jobs, including working at a chicken processing plant. It soon became apparent that working in a chicken processing plant was not the ideal job for Pete. Thanks to his Aunt Pauline, Pete got a job at Alreds Marine. While painting bilges of Chris Crafts, Pacemakers, Egg Harbors and Trojans he began to take a good look at the construction involved in these monster vessels. With Pete’s previous knowledge of engines, being a car buff as a teenager, and his willingness to learn more about the construction process of boats, Pete was well on his way to becoming a master boat builder.

Many years later, and a few boatyards too, Pete found himself back in New York, at Morgan Marine (aka Hacker Boat Company). Pete absorbed all the knowledge he could from Mr. Bill Morgan (then owner/operator) of Hacker Boat Company. Pete found boat construction to be interesting and challenging. He enjoyed not only the construction process, but the history of these ladies of the waterways.

After 23 years at Hacker Boat Company, it came time to decide what the future was to hold. Wanting to stay in the boating industry, Pete decided it was time to make his dream a reality...and soon, Mahogany Master’s was born. After a year or two, business picked up, and it became clear that it was time to expand. One by one, Pete’s brother’s Bill and Dan joined the company, and thus Fish Brother’s Marine Service began making their mark on the antique and classic boat circuit.

Fish Brother’s has won multiple awards, for their craftsmanship, as well as for their accuracy when replicating the original works of some of the finest boat designers. Our vessels not only honor the original designs, but are built for


Hacker design, 21 foot, Jr. Gold Cup,1


longevity and easy maintenance. The variety of makes and models offered here at Fish Brother’s is unmatched by any other boat builder. Our inventory ranges from the traditional runabout, to the sleek gentleman’s racers.

Today, Fish Brother’s Marine Service has not only earned the respect of its competitors, but of the finest and most knowledgeable marine enthusiasts.

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